Daily Archives: October 3, 2015

BP Chan training Santi Shi from Hsing I Chuan.     1) Not shown – heel together in Ba ,八(8 in Chinese), hands with pinkeys at side center, eyes looking “slantingly upward” 2) Using the intent, drill and pivot on the heels driven by the intent and the coiling inward […]

BP Chan San Ti Shi transitions

The point of this exercise is to nourish my partners root with gentle threats . I ddo not want to go for the big push as this will cause your partner to develop anxiety instead of calm in the storm .    

Push Hands Free Play

Some key points are  to guide the pinky finger up the centerline with a spiraling up palm to torque your opponent’s bones . This movement is powered by the forward step . When the opponent resists your torque, turn back and place your right hand pinky, ring and middle fingers […]

Monkey Peeps martial Applications

This shows the concept of rolling around a still point. Round the wrists and coil up your centerline ( riseup/drill) while turning around the stillpooint of the wrist.  Split your opponents strength by advance stepping into his posture with one hand advancing to the throat (fruit) while the other hand’s […]

Monkey Plucks Fruit application