Monthly Archives: November 2016

Splitting & Plucking Alex & i are playing with the Splitting and Plucking actions that we learned at the HME event . i am also doing some experimenting with using the Song Gong #1 stance & Kua & sinking & connecting with release as a principle . I’m also trying […]

Listen and Follow Alex attempts to pluck me and I follow him and neutralize by relaxing and opening my posture . This action stopped his plucking action and causes him to reverse direction and push back towards my ward off. I follow him rolling him off of my center and […]

Listen and Follow

The use of Peng, Lu and An in Push Hands When practicing push hands and applying the art of Taijiquan we must use the strategic energies of ward off, rollback, and press downward to effectively apply our techniques. These are the energies found it in the traditional long form. They […]

The use of Peng, Lu and An in Push Hands

Enticing Enticing is sometimes useful to elicit an urgent or stiff expression from your push hands partner. In this clip after one circle I slightly drop below his hand making him miss, he reaches for my arm again and he misses a second time, on his third attempt I let […]