Beware the Fist Under Elbow 2

Beware the Fist Under Elbow

This is an interesting posture in that it represents a second line of defense. If when defending myself , the fist passes into my “Egg” or over the outermost line where i am neither collapsed nor overly extended away from my center or if i miss or i am too slow defending my first line ( wrist to wrist) , then i can still turn and ” open the door” letting the blow miss while defending the second line ( palm to elbow) . The elbow is diverted off center and upward with a Lifting Palm or a Spiraling Upward Palm opening up the soft ribs and flank . The lifting Palm will open the ribs and stretch the flank creating the environment for a more decisive blow . This posture can also be used to follow your opponent into an elbow lever . The raised toe roots you more ( in the back leg ) and can also be used to kick or trap the opponent’s feet/leg .




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