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2 thoughts on “BP Chan training the Yang Family Form

  • Harsha Ameresekere

    Thanks, very much, for putting this up.
    I was one of Master BPC’s last few students.
    He is terribly missed.

    • Jim Russo Post author

      It’s an honor to meet you I will be putting up more and more things in the future even though this website took a long nap. I have a great deal of details on all of the things that you may have touched upon and can help bring you to various levels of advancement as well as how they integrate to transform the body as a whole. I live in New York and teach private lessons only in my home or via FaceTime if you are interested. If you are working with a group of people on Mr. Chans knowledge I would also consider meeting with that group to help your advancement. We are blessed to have stood in his shadow