Brush Knee & Twist Step Applications 2

These are some examples of how Taijiquan’s Brush Knee and Twist Step can be used. It is named “Brush Knee” because that is the intent necessary to take your opponent out of center. If you just push “downish” to a vague destination, then you will have a fight on your hands. If, however, you deflect & drill up (rise up,drill) with the parrying hand, then you can follow your opponent’s resistance down (fall/overturn) to “brush knee” . This works because of the concept : “coil in to coil out” , and using the knee as a gravitational center. This action will swirl (via a sweeping Ahn Jin ) your opponent in his feet causing a headon collision with your palm if you are in center and he is using a power shot ( VS a testing /feinting blow).



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