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The point of this exercise is to nourish my partners root with gentle threats . I ddo not want to go for the big push as this will cause your partner to develop anxiety instead of calm in the storm .    

Push Hands Free Play

Some key points are ┬áto guide the pinky finger up the centerline with a spiraling up palm to torque your opponent’s bones . This movement is powered by the forward step . When the opponent resists your torque, turn back and place your right hand pinky, ring and middle fingers […]

Monkey Peeps martial Applications

This shows the concept of rolling around a still point. Round the wrists and coil up your centerline ( riseup/drill) while turning around the stillpooint of the wrist. ┬áSplit your opponents strength by advance stepping into his posture with one hand advancing to the throat (fruit) while the other hand’s […]

Monkey Plucks Fruit application

This is a method used to apply a movement/action/posture on a resistant opponent . Lightly slide your pink fingers into the naturla groove of the joint and apply an Ahn Jin ( downward pressing force made in harmony with an upward pressing force of your crown point) . This works […]

joint centers & shaving in Taijiquan

FREE CLASS Come and play with us and learn a 2000 year old exercise to strengthen the heart and circulatory system based on the natural movements of the Crane. Who: Zhong Ding Tai Chi Chuan – Jim Russo Where: Quest Yoga Arts 11-13 Main Street Mount Kisco , NY 10549 […]

FREE CLASS – strengthen your heart

  Hi, I’m Jim Russo. I have been training martial arts for 44 years at this point with the focus being on Chinese internal martial arts of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan,Jian, Dao, Gun, Qiang , Hsing I Chuan, I Chuan , Pakua Chang , Tai Chi Ruler , Tung […]