Tai Chi Chuan

Unique to the family form One peculiarity of BP Chan’s Family form is a transitional movement between Hi Pat the Horse and the following posture of Separate and Kick. The action involves using a facing out palm while turning around the central axis horizontally. This is a similar action to […]

Unique to the family form

Add 4 ounces… The Taijiquan Classics have an expression that may be translated as ” adding 4 ounces to topple 1000 pounds”. This video clip shows us practicing a drill in which we free play push hands and every neutralization that I do , I will add an additional 4 […]

Add 4 ounces…

Finish my circles When the human body moves naturally it moves in arcs and circular movements. Every time I advance on my partner in push hands I start a circle. It is up to my partner to sense the circles direction and to finish the circle by diverting it back […]

Finish My Circles

Stop admiring your own work When training push hands a common error is to be surprised by one’s own success. When a practitioner neutralizes an attack they often pause for a moment in surprise. I take advantage of these pauses and attack. When this would happen to me my teacher […]

” stop admiring your own work”

Desire is the root of all suffering Alex keeps attempting to grab and pluck my right arm in this video clip. He is reaching out of his center to do this which makes him vulnerable. I am using his desire to seize my arm against him in this footage. He […]

Desire is the root of all suffering Parts 1 & ...

Splitting & Plucking Alex & i are playing with the Splitting and Plucking actions that we learned at the HME event . i am also doing some experimenting with using the Song Gong #1 stance & Kua & sinking & connecting with release as a principle . I’m also trying […]

Listen and Follow Alex attempts to pluck me and I follow him and neutralize by relaxing and opening my posture . This action stopped his plucking action and causes him to reverse direction and push back towards my ward off. I follow him rolling him off of my center and […]

Listen and Follow

The use of Peng, Lu and An in Push Hands When practicing push hands and applying the art of Taijiquan we must use the strategic energies of ward off, rollback, and press downward to effectively apply our techniques. These are the energies found it in the traditional long form. They […]

The use of Peng, Lu and An in Push Hands

Enticing Enticing is sometimes useful to elicit an urgent or stiff expression from your push hands partner. In this clip after one circle I slightly drop below his hand making him miss, he reaches for my arm again and he misses a second time, on his third attempt I let […]


Sinking and turning in push hands I am experimenting with sinking and small turns internally in this video . Alex, my partner, pushes towards me and I receive his force, roll him off, and sink under him internally. You may notice right after the rollback, he pops out of his […]

Sinking and turning in push hands

Using Na (seizing) to confuse Na or seizing can be applied in pushhands practice by sticking to and manipulating the space between the joints. This method will confuse your opponent by pulling his body internally via the connection to the connective tissue in the joint. When it is being applied […]

Using Na (seizing) to confuse

Playing with Na Na is to seize in Tai Chi. One point where seizing is relatively easy to apply is at the joints. When you invade a joint Center, you pull tissue from both sides of the joint at the same time creating a state of confusion within the body. […]

Playing with Na