This is one of those little tidbit type exercises that would be discussed in passing by Mr. Chan that i would retain and train . He mentioned this exercise as a necessity as one ages. He said that we would not understand at our age . He said that as a person ages , they will often be awakened in the middle of the night with an urge to urinate . He further explained that when sleeping your blood collects in your Spleen and Liver leaving the rest of the body in a bit of a deficit . This can result in a dangerous dizziness or leg weakness that could lead to injury . This exercise reverses this condition by stimulating Qi flow which stimulates Blood flow away from the core and out to the periphery ( the Qi leads the Xue ). These same wrist and ankle actions can be found in all Internal Arts . The wrists and ankles are prone to energy blockage due to the low tissue to bone ratio . The flexing and extending not only stimulate the Six Meridians that pass through each wrist and ankle but also stretch and stimulate the Tendons . Before rising from bed , lay on your back and straighten the legs. Lay the arms comfortably at your side palm down . Inhale slowly and smoothly and raise the fingertips to point towards the ceiling and pull the toes up in the same fashion . Exhale slowly and smoothly and point the toes and fingers opposite your extending head . Do this for about one minute before sitting up to insure increased blood circulation to the head and legs . The eyes can lead the movement as well for increased circulation . This is also a great exercise to give someone who is confined to bed . i hope that this is helpful !





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One thought on “CIRCULATION GONG

  • Mark Jones

    He taught that to me a long time ago too, and I’ve been doing it every morning before I get out of bed ever since. Another variation he mentioned is to rotate the feet to the left in circles a few times, pause, and then rotate to the right. Gets the blood circulating down the spine.