Cloud Hands – “Coil in, to coil out”

Reflect down at the root
Load his spring

Cloud Hands – Coiling in to coil out

BP Chan was often heard saying” coil in to coil out”. This is a very profound statement when one gets to understand it. Firstly the coiling can be active or passive and ends up with the tissue being wound like a rope and full of potential energy. The uncoiling is simply the release of that coiled tissue. The coiling in acts to entice a line of resistance from the opponent. This line of resistance is followed by a release that joins with your opponents resistant energy. This helps to uproot or pull a resistant opponent out of his base. The coiling of the arms also makes it difficult to find a line of resistance as the arm is in a constant state of change. This state of change can be equated to song in motion. The limb becomes more and more Song as it unwinds allowing it to resist the yang forces of your opponent without resisting at all . The foot can hook step in to help the stabilize the opponent as well which makes it similar to Bagua Zhang’s single palm change .

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