Desire is the root of all suffering Parts 1 & 2 2

Desire is the root of all suffering

Alex keeps attempting to grab and pluck my right arm in this video clip. He is reaching out of his center to do this which makes him vulnerable. I am using his desire to seize my arm against him in this footage. He should wait for the opportunity or create the opportunity to seize my arm when it is reaching into his personal space. It is a bad idea to reach outside of your own air space to seize someone else…https://yo

Do not give up the near seeking the far

This is part two to the video titled “desire is the root of all suffering” .Alex is taken advantage of because his intent is locked on plucking my right arm (desire) in the aforementioned video. I continue bouncing him out with the secret hope that he figures out his error. This section of video is from the same training session. At this point I start explaining to Alex to stay within his own “air space”. A person’s air space or safe zone is something that becomes defined after a period of training standing meditation. Essentially I want to wait for my partner to reach into my airspace and capture the defect. Alex was reaching outside of his safe zone into my safe zone to attempt a technique. This will likely always end in failure as you are already out of center when you’re trying to apply the technique. Alex was already touching my wrist and should’ve attempted to control me by the near point not reaching out to grab a distant or far away point. Alex and I start our sessions generally with training the basics and towards the end of the class we will free play a little and try to apply what we have learned. We go over these films together in our following sessions where I will point out certain parts and explain how to duplicate these actions and we will practice that at that time. This example shows Alex almost tossing me through my front window as his application became more refined.

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