du yu ze – Chen Style Taijiquan lao Jia Yi lu 9

Chen Yan Xi , Chen Fake’s father , was the Chen family Taijiquan’s 16 Generation patriarch . Chen Yan Xi was the Chief bodyguard for Du Yen, a powerful official . Chen Yan Xi was also Du Yen ‘s son Du Yu Ze’s Teacher. This form is representative of the Chen Family Lao JIa Yi Lu Form before it was modified by Chen Fake. This form actually is in the same postural sequence as the Yang family Taijiquan.

This is the form that BP Chan taught .

Chen Xin”s complete esorteric book on Chen Family Lao Jia Yi Lu Taijiquan : see link below




This is Master Du Yu Ze (杜毓澤) who was a disciple of 16th generation representative of Chen Family, Chen Yan Xi (陳延熙). He demonstrates the Old Frame form in this videos. Master Chen Yan Xi was a father of 17th generation representative Master Chen Fa Ke.

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9 thoughts on “du yu ze – Chen Style Taijiquan lao Jia Yi lu

  • Igor

    Excellent!!! 🙂
    Was this form taught by BP Chan? How he named it?
    This seems to be the Old Chen style and is show much more resemblance with the Yang style than the Today/New Chen style.
    IMHO this “Old Chen style” and the “original” “Old Yang style” should be very similar. This video shows the “link” between them.

    • Jim Russo Post author


      Master Du was trained by Chen Fake’s father . This is the “real” old Chen form according to my understanding .It is the same sequence as the Yang , Wu, Hao, Sun etc forms. It is my personal belief that Chen Fake changed it to hide the relationship with the Yang family. Lu Yun Qiao said that ” this is the only Chen form worth learning” . i attached Chen Xin’s book in a 700+ page PDF that is available on this site. The sequence is explained in detail with regard to why it is in a specific order. There are even songs for the postures . i carried this book with me for 18 years and could find no one to translate as it is in an archaic style . Enjoy , i hope that it is helpful !

  • Mike Sigman

    Du’s performance looks typical for some outsider who was taught a “form” and who never learned any basic intricacies like how to move with the dantian, etc. What he’s doing us just a skewed version of the Lao Jia Yilu. Does it look like “Yang style”? I don’t even know what the Yang-style looks like, there are so many “true and secret” versions floating around. All I know is that Yang Lu Chan, an indentured servant of Chen De Hu, was taught the Chen style and was set free and allowed to ‘teach’ the Chen-style (without the reeling silk) in order to make a living. Through the generations, particularly with Yang Cheng Fu who didn’t practice much until in his 30’s, the Yang family’s Taiji devolved to a linear-jin form.

    Anyone who knows how to move with the dantian can spot that Du Yu Ze does not know how to move like that. Someone who can’t move with the dantian can’t spot the obvious lack in Du’s movements.

    • Sal Canzonieri

      How do you know that he is not deliberately leaving that out in this public video.
      From what I could gather, someone asked him to show what Taiwanese Chen is like and he gave a very quick demo.
      Knowing that it was going to be videoed publicly, we do not know if he changed it.

      And then there is the question did Chen Yanxi have the same silk reeling rotations as Chen Fake’s version later did?
      Have you seen all the other videos on Youtube of Du’s students and others who do this version of Chen?
      Do they have dantian rotation? If so, then Du taught it to them. If not, then that is another can of worms.

  • Sal Canzonieri

    Did BP Chan learn this version of the Chen yi lu form from Liang Jici? (mandarian pinyin spelling)
    I am researching where this form was originally taught.

    I learned this form from one of BP Chan’s students in the 1990s.

    thank you

    • Jim Russo Post author

      He was very vague about things like that when he taught. Some of my senior brothers have suggested that he train with Liu Yun Chow . I know that Mr. Liu Has been quoted as saying that that is the only version of that style form worth learning… It also follows the same sequence that the Yang style follows.