BP Chan quote of the Day :
” Tai Chi principle – Expression of the Hands ”

i often recommend watching slow motion photography of flowers blooming to Fellow Practitioners. This is similar to watching a posture ” Bloom” . The movement unfurls from the root to the middle to the tip . i often see “dead” hands that lack intent and clarity. William CC Chen use to reach out his hand and say ” Where’s my money ” or
” Hand me my keys” . He was a genius at showing you that you already knew how to do a thing by pointing to some natural expression of the principle that we already employed . When he would reach out his hand, it would flex but not become tight or stiff . This is the internal concept of ” externally stretched , internally bound” . When a posture is completed, the hands should express , just as the tips of a flower stand out last . When you do this, you exercise the joints and tendons . BP Chan expressed his hands as well ( as seen in this photo) . Mr. Chan not only opened his hands, but he expressed Yin and Yang ( Tai Chi) in his palm expression. Mr. Chan’s Thumb, index, are Yang , The middle is like the Dot in the Tai Chi Tu/ Yin Yang Symbol with a balanced expression of Yin and Yang , the ring finger and pinky are progressively more Yin. When his palm was formed , he would turn it to a Facing Out Palm and show how the loosely spaced fingers were staggered like steps. This is very important and should be examined deeply …

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