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BP Chan quote of the day :
Regarding the Spirit of the Eyes – ” Body open joints not enough , Eyes help body to open joints . Eyes cause nervous system to open “.
This concept is similar to how the body reacts when we see someone we have not seen in many years . The head and ears will perk up when we hear an favorite old song or smell a familiar dish in the oven . We can excite the Nervous System into this state via the Spirit of the Eyes . BP Chan uses his eyes to turn and open his posture in this example of Crane Steps Posture from the Five Animal Frolics. His gaze is 45 degrees downward and his upward gaze/attention are accompanied with a unified opening of the body as if one were greeting their Grandchild. The Eyes help the 心 Xin ,Heart/Mind open and this opens the spine which opens the rest of the joints . “Don’t believe me, Feel for yourself ” Mr. Chan would say …

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4 thoughts on “” Eyes help body open joints …”

    • Jim Russo Post author

      yes, sorry for the delayed response . we are having trouble with the site. When the eyes look ” slantingly upward” the spine opens. This can be used to issue when there is connection

  • Alex

    In my cervical spine I have one vertebrae that is jutting forward, maybe one or two below my atlas, causing a pinch in my right ear and a pull from the right top of my head, I can feel this as it were pulling on my brain, very uncomfortable. I’ve noticed in “looking back seven times all diseases disappear”, as I roll my eyes down and to the left, I can feel the pinch in my ear. When I feel this misalignment how would you address it? Should I raise my crown, stay in the pinch hoping it will adjust itself, or just come out and to the next repetition?
    Overall how do I approach something like this in my practice whether in my neck or back or knee.

    Thank you sir

    • Jim Russo Post author

      Mr. Chan would say you want to talk to your body, or your teacher which is your body. I would try raising the Crown point in continuing to move and sinking away from it in an attempt to naturally open it. If you have an opportunity to go to a heaven man earth event you may be able to get a bone setter to adjust this for you and alleviate the problem very quickly