from natural to natural” opening the spine with one trigger 

Opening the spine or suspending from the Crown point is always the first aspect discussed when it comes to the internal martial arts. It is also one of the least understood, and the most difficult to acquire when left to one’s own devices. I have spent decades training, and it brings me pleasure to solve these problems for people as , these were very difficult problems to transverse for myself. BP Chan used to say “from natural to natural”. What he meant is that the skills that we are trying to acquire are already natural skills. We just don’t know how to access them. When you read the classics , these points are more affirmations of correctness and guidance versus following a step-by-step manual towards the skill. One of the most important features in the internal arts is transforming the tissue so that the quality is such that it becomes conductive to energy and so that energy is not blocked with contraction and stiffness. The following example shows how I can change the quality of my entire spine through trying to extend my awareness from one or all of my five senses. When we do this, the spine attempts to assist in what I refer to as “up, periscope” in that the spine lengthens to assist the practitioner with a better point of view much like one would raise a microphone over the heads of a crowd to get a cleaner signal. When we do this , the spine opens to the appropriate amount by itself with no rigidity, and no holding, Once the spine opens, or fills with synovial fluid, so does the rest of the joints in the body. This collectively changes the quality of the tissue, allowing one’s body to be very resistant to pushing and pulling forces without as much is a consideration that they are occurring. In fact, it is extremely freeing when you begin to acquire it as a skill. These are some of the things that I will be sharing, in our new course.  It is my intention to help fellow practitioners grow in skill and not to obscure their view for my own advantage. You never know when you may be the lucky one who is training the next LeBron James, so it is my goal to make you better than me in  skill, so I hope you will join me on this journey .

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