It is important to make a distinction between Grasping and Grabbing . When i speak of grabbing , i am referring to the excess use of strength in locking up all of the fingers in an effort to hold or control something . Grasping refers to the intentional division of the hand into a Yin and Yang aspect . The Grabbing hand stiffens the forearm , upper arm , and shoulder which uses up the contractibility of the muscles. Muscle Cells can expand, contract and lock . We do not use the locking aspect of our musculature as this ties up the turn-ability of our bones as well as our strength . When one uses strength to the point of locking , then they are ” out of gas” and since they can’t apply more force through contraction , they will be forced to lean to continue pulling. When Grasping , there is a distinction between Yin and Yang Fingers within the same hand . The hand is Yin on the Pinky side with each finger becoming more Yang and ending on the Thumb side . Relax the grip and drop the elbow, sink the shoulder, raise the crown point while your partner hooks himself on your soft passive grasp and pulls himself out of center. The thumb , Index are not engaged in grabbing in this method but have a reaching quality while the Pinky , Ring and Middle Finger are soft and curved . The arm has almost all of it’s power in reserve since it is not needed to tighten the hand ala Grabbing . The power of the Grasp comes from the waist turning in opposition to your partner’s pulling force . When you Grab someone with muscle , then you are attached to their center and can be manipulated through your own stiffness . When you Grabbed Mr . Chan , he would coil in the coil out and reel you in smiling with the question ” Who’s got who here ?” as you fell prey to your own grip .







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  • Mark Jones

    Another benefit of grasping instead of grabbing is that grasping enables one the sensitivity to feel the opponent’s movement, intent and energy which allows you to stick, link and follow it, then redirect it to a position where the opponent is out of center while you remain in center. The advice we always heard was “opponent is the guide.” How can you follow the guide? By grasping.