imageMadam Guo Lin created an anti-cancer qigong with the help of her grandfather and his Taoist friends to help her combat cancer .
She had six surgeries before trying this method which is based on the Bear from the Five Animal Frolics . Her formula for success is to 1) Use BOTH Western and Eastern medicine methods for best results . 2) The special double breath oxygenates the body to combat disease ( based on research that increasing oxygen by 8 times will destroy cancer cells ) . 3) The movement circulates this oxygen and Qi throughout the body . 4) The exercise will stimulate saliva to flow as well as other glandular secretions which help balance the body. The exercises should be practiced several hours per day ; based on what responses we get from the body . If we don’t get the correct effect, then increase the exercise time and skill .

1. Shuai Shou 15 -30 minutes
2. Wuji standing meditation 5-15 minutes
3. Cover the navel standing meditation 5-15 minutes
4. Open close Dan Tian 7 times
5. Left fixed foot walking ( for men) 5-15 minutes ( right for women)
6. Right fixed foot walking ( for men) 5-15 minutes ( left for women)
7. Open and close Dan Tian 7 times
8. Cover the navel standing meditation 5-15 minutes
9. Shuai Shou 15 – 30 minutes

This will take about 1 to 2 hours and should be practiced 2-3 times per day as needed . The more training the better the results . i believe in a swift and powerful attack . Approach this with the Spirit of a Warrior .
The fixed foot walking is practiced by placing the left foot ( for men) forward aligning the left heel with the right heel and toe making a triangle . We do a double inhale while back-weighted and with the torso turned to the left, right hand in front of the navel and the right pinky ,ring and middle fingers curling toward and aligned with the tailbone . The left foot has rocked back with the toe up and the heel touching the ground.

Now, exhale once and rotate to the right lowering the front toe and rolling the rear heel up while leaving the toe down . The arms loosely swing ( motivated by the waist swing) to change positions at the navel and tailbone . This is one cycle and should be trained for 15 minutes or more . Be careful to avoid letting your knees past your toes as this will cause a sheering injury to your knee. I will show a more advanced exercise next week.



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