” I want to knowing who’s hand this is “ 2

BP Chan Quote of the day :
” I want to knowing who’s hand this is ”
BP Chan when asked why we do these things he would often say ” I want to knowing who’s hand this is ” . When he would attempt to explain , he would show that if he touched his wrist he was fine, but if he touched his hand, it would unbalance him . When i touched my wrist, i would laugh and think that i could stand like this all day . i was very wrong. Mr. Chan was hinting towards an area of exploration. He had felt in his own training that if he extends his arms too far, it will unbalance him. i was not that sensitive so i did not understand. Eventually i understood and tried to apply the concept . When you do Yiquan or some other form of standing meditation, you should pay attention to your comfort and also how centered your feet are. If your hands/arms extend too far , gravity will pull you to your toes. This type of exploration will lead to increased knowledge regarding your personal space . This will also result in establishing your ” Egg” as i call it. When pulled, if i coil up or down within the “egg” i will unbalance my training partner and stand undisturbed . I will however lose my balance if i reach outside of my “Egg” . You can also use this type of training to investigate and locate your “centers” in your posture. When i move from one center to another center, i will be able to move very easily . If i violate this concept, i will get tied up . This is a profound concept and should not be taken lightly.




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