Internal Alchemy – The Kidneys and the Ears

The kidneys and the Ears are related to each other in traditional Chinese medicine. All of the organs open out to the surface of the body in some form or another. The nose being the external of the respiratory system and the mouth being the external of the digestive system is very obvious. The eyes being in the external of the liver are less obvious but you will notice a persons eyes yellow as their liver starts to malfunction. The external of the kidneys is the ear. When I had first learned about that I did not take it very seriously until a doctor approached me in a hospital and explained to me how the Ears and the Kidneys form at the same time in the fetus. Throughout my life I’ve observed further examples of this. The following exercise is a Dao Yin exercise for mobilizing Chi into the external of the kidneys or the ears from the pericardium eight/ Lao Gong AccuPoint. The pericardium eight AccuPoint belongs to the fire element and the Ears/Kidneys belong to the water element. Using fire to turn water into steam is part of the alchemical process in Taoism. The following exercise shows me warming my hands slightly before bringing them to my Ears because I do not want to bring cold to my Kidneys indirectly. The other aspect of this video is explaining how we release from the shoulder to the palm while holding our hands against our ears. We actually hook our fingers on the back of the skull by flexing just the fingertips and let the arm release from the shoulder down to the palm ,sequentially , assisting and mobilizing the Chi into the Ear. If I hold my arms stiffly against my head , then the stiffness in my shoulders and elbows will block the Chi from flowing smoothly into my Ears. Instead , once I am done inhaling , I let my fingertips hook on the back of my skull (on the occiput ) and I release from the root ,to the middle , to the tip down the arm but hold the arms up using the strength of my spine and my head position. This is effective not only in allowing me to get a smoother to flow into my ears but also to help me strengthen my upper spine and neck. Don’t just press your hands lifelessly against the side of your head. Allow there to be a Yin and Yang change that occurs . When I inhale I’m holding my arms in place and when I exhale my spine is holding my arms from falling forward because they are hooked against the base of my skull. A little bit of experimentation will surely have you on your way if you practice this type of thing and if you don’t then move onto the next video and have a beautiful day ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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