Internal arts controlling concepts 2

Falling into the counter attack

Internal arts controlling concepts

I use several concepts in this video to defect my partners Posture. Shaving is where the finger slides into a notch in the joint and manipulate the facia to pull your partner from a distal point in their body that is difficult to neutralize. When my opponent releases their intention to attack me and i divert them off line , they will resist on a subconscious level that can cause them to stick to you via their resistance. When these two concepts are combined it is easy to cause your opponent to lose their footing as you are reaching down through their body and pinning their feet to the floor. This makes it difficult for them to react leaving me an opportunity to counterattack. This also leaves their body in disarray so that they cannot easily counterattack. The idea is that instead of responding to a quantity of attacks, instead bridge the attack and control the body from the point of contact. When an opponent’s feet are pinned into the ground via contact point , this tends to create resistance and anxiety that can be taken advantage of by a skilled practitioner. The manipulation can also cause the opponent to run headfirst into the counterattack multiplying your power.

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2 thoughts on “Internal arts controlling concepts

  • Chuck Boardman

    I enjoy your vids and commentary. Question though, when sticking… what if the opponent relaxes their arm and pulls away. It seems like you wouldn’t be able to control their legs then. Comments?

    • Jim Russo Post author

      Once a person fires their intent it is extremely hard to disconnect. The idea is not that I intend to hold him there forever but just to control his arms and feet from the point of contact. The shaving method captures the fascia in the joints and is very difficult to resist tipping over. You may notice my partners heels pop up because once you press and connect to their feet they subconsciously resist. You can float them out when they do this. It is also very important to add 4 ounces to topple 1000 pounds and more than just the weight dimension. It is important to always corrupt the calculations by adding a little bit more then your partner can perceive. They will always be in a state of correction and when in a state of him balance they will not be able to generate a powerful counterattack.