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BP Chan Quote of the Day :
“Just Do , No Expectations ”
This is one of my favorite quotes of Mr. Chan . It is a life principle to live by. It is also a principle that i encountered very early in my training . i was training I Chuan because i had heard of it as a child and always wanted to learn it. Mr. Chan was surprised that i 1) already knew the history of I Chuan 2) knew who Guo Yun Shen and Wang Xiang Zhai were, and 3) wanted to stand . i was also taught the Eight Pieces of Brocade ( standing Version) at the same time . i went about training the I Chuan , but i only practiced the Eight Pieces of Brocade . Months later i crossed hands with Brian White only to feel a change in him . i felt his Kung Fu and when i inquired as to what he was doing he said that he was doing the Eight Pieces of Brocade. You see, my EXPECTATION and pre-judging the exercise made me abandon it before giving it a chance to prove it’s 900 year survival was warranted . i judged that it couldn’t be doing anything because it wasn’t isometric and was done without strength . i was very very wrong . i then made up my mind to DO the training and not just practice it for show. i have grown to love that exercise and i have let it teach me over the years . Now i “just Do , No Expectations “.

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