” Just do So body is comfortable lf body feels comfortable It is alright”- BP Chan


BP Chan quote of the day :

Regarding correct form :

” Just do So body is comfortable lf body feels comfortable It is alright”

BP Chan training Lien Chi Shih /Spreading Wings Posture from the Five Animal Frolics. Notice how his wings/arms are rounded (comfortable),his eyes and Spirit keep him stable ( comfortable). Notice how his hand is more Yang at the Index/Thumb side of the hand and how his fingers spread gently and progressively become more Yin towards the Pinky Finger side of the palm ( comfortable).

If one were to extend their arms out straight to the side, the breath would be tight ( un-comfortable), The balance would be off requiring strength to stay upright (un-comfortable), The Heart Meridian runs down the arm along the pinky side , rounding the arms forward opens the Heart Meridian( comfortable). Extending the arms out to the side crimps and restrains the Heart Meridian ( un-comfortable). If one pulls up their toe /foot on the suspended leg, their balance will be off tying up their breath (un-comfortable) , however, if the toe/foot hangs, then the stance will be stable and the breath smooth (comfortable). If the thigh is level, then the lower back can open and the tail bone hang (comfortable). If the thigh sags downward, then the lower back will be strained and pulled into a hollow /collapse ( un-comfortable).

Comfort can be used as a guide much easier if one were to pause during their form/movement training to
stand in posture . The practitioner will soon be alerted via discomfort to their various defects within their posture. This information will guide one seeking comfort to find their optimal alignments (comfort ).

This is an example of how one can refine their posture guided by the most gently consistent and powerful Masterhand : Gravity.

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