Kicking in Taijiquan Pt 2 – The Kuas 1

Kicking in Taijiquan Pt 2 – The Kuas

When training the kicks In Taijiquan it is important that the shoulder KUA As well as the hips KUA are not broken or defective. The hips and shoulders must stay aligned with each other . The shoulders sit on top of the hips like a hat on a head. When the hips are moved the shoulders will move together with them . The genesis of the movement should be from the kuas in the hip not from the shoulders and arms. BP Chan used to say ” object exists within”. This basically means that if my posture is done correctly it will fit like a handshake with the appropriate attack. When someone presents their hand to shake your hand you match it with the correct handshake. Postures are exactly the same. The beauty of this is that when the movement is done correctly the targets will always be at the end of my weapon. This footage shows examples of how after doing the evasion and the trapping, there is a variety of targets at the end of my foot. If the opponent tries to fight once he’s trapped or punch with the other hand he’ll just pull himself into the blow. The movements , when done correctly , will also cause my opponents face to fall into my kick , increasing its effectiveness. The hands are always used to neutralize the opponent before kicking in Taijiquan. we never just throw a kick by itself as this would violate the principles of the art.

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One thought on “Kicking in Taijiquan Pt 2 – The Kuas

  • Brian Scott

    Thank you for this post. This seems to reveal the similarities between Northern Shaolin kicking drills and the Tai Chi kicking principles that you explained. I guess the common ancestor of “Long Fist” becomes apparent.🙏🏻