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I have trained under various lineages that have entirely different perspectives on the art of Tai Chi Chuan. Whether talking about how forces are neutralized or how people interact in various exercises, the differences are mind numbing . Generally speaking, I have observed practitioners allegiance to one lineage create an elitist mentality where they look down on other interpretations. This is often at a great loss of knowledge, I have noticed that some lineages put emphasis on certain things and others put emphasis on other things . These variations, result in variations of practical application as well as training and performance. The Following footage demonstrate some examples that show what could be considered a defective posture from one perspective, yielding different fruit . Once you start to notice these things and your heart and mind start to open, you may find yourself curious as to why someone does it different instead of being judgemental. Being judgemental limits your ability to learn and grow, and often can direct you away from a gold mine of knowledge . Throughout my training , things that I thought were incomplete, were often based on my perspective .  Learning how to open my heart to these other perspectives has yielded much more fruit and much more global comprehension of the variations of the form as taught in different lineages. It is my personal hope that people start to realize that when you observe things from the perspective of which they were created, you will often find that they are valuable, and that they add to your total understanding of that concept that you thought you understood already. This may lead to fellow practitioners being more open hearted with sharing their knowledge as well as training with people from other lineages this will ultimately lead to less friction and also lead our younger practitioners by great examples of behavior versus poor examples of behavior.

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One thought on “Mining for gold – perspective from an open mind/heart

  • Brian Scott

    Wonderful lecture as usual. Appreciate the comments on internal release and structure on the toe raised.
    Had not considered the ramifications of the functionality other than the control or destruction of the opponent’s foot/ankle as an application in close range. This lecture made me look at a whole bunch more things re this topic.
    Many Thanks.