Na – Mechanical elements of seizing

Seizing the facia

Na – Mechanical elements of seizing the joints

There are many methods of seizing in Yang Family Taijiquan . Na or Seizing can be achieved energetically at the highest levels of skill. There are ,however , details or secrets that can help one achieve their goals from a mechanical standpoint. One of these methods is to seize the Fascia that lies between the joints. If my opponent detaches
and attempts to strike me (as practiced in it in advanced version of single hand push hands) , I follow from behind and slide down the arm into the wrist crease where I coil and seize the facia. This makes it impossible for my opponent to root and resist with strength or force and simply turns them down to their feet if they resist that hard. I find that single hand push hands training bears the most fruit when it comes to translating to actual combat. I teach several different methods that have several different levels and this is simply one of the levels of understanding. When one begins to internalize these details they make it much easier to apply the movements against resistance. This is one of the gates towards effortless force neutralization and control.

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