“Object Exists With In “ 2

BP Chan quote of the day :
” Object Exists within”

Mr.Chan had these expressions that he would say all of the time . These expressions were quick reference sayings that would allow him to transmit a concept or principle . These expressions were also easy to remember and i constantly hear them echoing in my head. The expression ” object exists within ” was referring to or rather answering the question ; where do the hands go ? “Object exists within” would often be his answer . Looking at Piquan or Chopping Fist from Xingyiquan as an example , the forward palm in chopping fist can target the shoulder or Lung ( Object/Target) while the rear palm grasps the opponent’s wrist ( Object/Target) . Now that information has to be applied to one’s own proportions . i have to complete my posture with the palm landing at my own Shoulder/Lung level. This makes people of all sizes posture’s look the same as well as function correctly when applied . When two postures come together, it is like two hands clasping together. They match each other, the right tool for the job. Another example is the way that i learned Ward Off requires having the rear hand at the elbow. This is there to catch the wrist that i will throw to it when turning back from Peng ( Ward Off ) to Lu ( Rollback) . This is an important concept and should be applied to all postures.image image

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