Hi, I’m Jim Russo. I have been training martial arts for 44 years at this point with the focus being on Chinese internal martial arts of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan,Jian, Dao, Gun, Qiang , Hsing I Chuan, I Chuan , Pakua Chang , Tai Chi Ruler , Tung Style Fast Tai Chi Chuan, and various Taoist Internal training methods , and Chi Kung , Nei Kung , Breathing methods , An Mo self massage etc.

I have successfully helped people with very serious diseases from cancer to osteonecrosis over the last 14 years.

Please come join us on Thursday!

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  • William O'Connor

    I currently study with Berit Schumann who teaches at the fencing club at the old hat factory in Peekskill; however, she travels a lot and so is not always available to train with, unfortunately. Perhaps, as I would really like to continue training, and frankly, not in the best physical shape. Maybe, I could practice other internal systems, which might prove beneficial. As far as applications are concerned, all of those, I already know (throws, locks, strikes), as that is how I was brought up. My parents were from the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry: It’s all known.

  • Brian Grady

    I see there are two Tai Chi studios next to each other. Are these both your classes. Also, my wife has some knee and back issues, is Tai Chi safe. I was in martial arts as a teenager, 40 years ago though. Thanks

    • Jim Russo Post author

      Tai chi is very therapeutic for an injured body. I only teach privately out of my home in Yorktown Heights New York or via FaceTime online. Looking forward to talking to you in the future