Traditional Push Hands Methods are intended to develop certain skills. The following footage shows me giving a couple of examples to Aaron. Sometimes a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. The first example shows me capturing Aaron’s palm as he endeavors to put force on my elbow. This can […]

” Who has who here?” – BP Chan- small changes ...

Historical records have shown that the arts of Xingyiquan and Taijiquan were inspired by spear methods. The concept is to insert your spear tip into an opening and take the line with your superior alignments. This action is both attacking while diverting and often turning the opponent. Most infantry men […]

The Spear inspired bridging in Xingyiquan and Taijiquan

The following footage has me discussing an alternative bridging method for entering into your opponents posture. When my intention is to strike or touch my opponent and he has the ability to create a Yin hand to divert my force, then it is necessary to change my intention away from […]

Bridging and “presenting roundness ” to connect and enter.

The following footage has a short discussion regarding the value of structure in Tai Chi Chuan. This discussion is being presented because some practitioners endeavor to cheapin the value of my knowledge to push forth their own agendas. My agenda ,to be clear , is to preserve my teacher’s various […]

The Taijiquan Arms Race and the value of structure.

The following footage shows me sharing some details in the application of the joint lock in a posture commonly called “Play Guitar”. Application makes it difficult to turn the limb into the correct position. The forearm has two bones that I can smear between my fingers and palms causing them […]

” Hand strums the Pi Pa ” Application details

Taiji Ruler – The Value of the Eight Supplementals The eight supplemental’s are part of the Tai Chi Ruler System. These eight exercises train various aspects of whole body movement. They collectively are similar to the “Virgin Qi Gong system” in that they endeavor to circulate Qi to permeate the […]

Taiji Ruler – The Value of the Eight Supplementals

Walking Jin – you already know how to make Jin Our body naturally produces Jin when we walk. This is why the internal arts of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang practice walking in their training. We learn to transfer the power of our walking step into our hand actions. When we […]

Walking Jin – you already know how to make Jin