Ping Lu Ji An is a short form for training the Si Zheng Shou ( 四 正 手) or Four Orthodox Hands . These are the four essential energies that comprise the Push Hands Drills. This 2 Person set Trains the Four Postures differently from most Taijiquan Styles. Your partner throws a right lead punch which will be met by A Ward Off which coils into a Facing Up Palm from the First Fist ( the forearm is 3 fist widths long ) at the wrist to the Second/Middle Fist with a leftward turn that does not turn past 45 Degrees off of center. Turn back to center while coiling through and over the Third Fist, pressing it downward with a Chopping Palm to grasp the elbow , then turning back to the left to throw my partner’s wrist into my waiting hand . i now grasp my partner’s lead arm at the wrist and elbow. i Roll Back sliding my left hand to grasp my partner’s right palm along the pinky edge with my right Pinky, Ring and Middle fingers while sliding my right Embracing Palm down to his wrist crease along the underside of his arm. i then turn back to center applying a Qinna with Press to my partner’s right wrist. My partner turns back to face me and drops his elbow which spools his embracing palm into a Ward Off Posture and out of my grasp. i then respond by changing my right facing upward Palm to a right embracing Palm while changing my grip from pinky’s edge to an over the top of my Embracing Palm pulse grip using my same Pinky, ring, and Middle Fingers. i then shift forward and Press and my partner separates my palms and and Rolls Back with an An Jin to my wrist creases. i drop my elbows and roll out away along the line of his weak angle ( Perpendicular to the imaginary line drawn between the heels.) with a “Do Rei Mi” of the fingers placing the pinky , ring and middle fingers in an arc pressing down between the radius and Ulna Bones of my partner . Then i roll Back turning my palms upward and lever my partner’s forearm along the index finger side of my palm. Then, i shift forward to Push my partner and he yields with his left side and levers my right forearm over his right forearm starting the cycle again .




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