ping lu ji an – 2 versions



Ping Lu Ji An is BP Chan’s Fukien pronunciation of Peng Lu JI An . This is a short form for training the Si Zheng Shou (四正手) Four Orthodox Hands . They are Ward Off , Roll Back, Press , and Push and they are the first line of defense . When training the Yang Family Form , these four postures are always trained with the right foot forward . These four postures are the prime energies used in Tuio Shou and the martial application of Taijiquan and they are practiced in both directions in this form . Cheng Man Ching once said that if you master the SI Zheng Shou , then you do not need any other hands . i believe that he was referring to the Jin ( 勁)rather than the postures . Cai Song Feng of Shanghai only trains his version of this form and Zhan Zhuang and is highly skilled . He is the subject of Warriors of Stillness Vol1 by Jan Diepersloot . This set also has a two person set to practice Ping Lu Ji An that i will film soon .

***Mr. Chan did not like the way the word Peng made his chest feel . i feel a collapse in my chest and a loss of Peng Jin . The Ping pronunciation opens the spine creating Peng Jin.



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