Playing with Na 1

Playing with Na

Na is to seize in Tai Chi. One point where seizing is relatively easy to apply is at the joints. When you invade a joint Center, you pull tissue from both sides of the joint at the same time creating a state of confusion within the body. This has to do with the deep reaching of the fascia or connective tissue causing the body to be pulled internally from a distal place making it very difficult to neutralize. This is accomplished in this example by using the edge of my hand to enter into the spaces between the joints and manipulating that tissue with my waist. There is actually very little grasping this is more accomplished via sticking.

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One thought on “Playing with Na

  • Alex

    As the person being tossed around, I’d like to say I wasn’t *trying* to be a wet rag here. If anything I thought I was having a good day with sinking, etc. Watching this footage is very strange… as if Jim is just hanging out while I flail about! Feeling humble and grateful for the learning experience.

    … and back to standing.