Practical Kung Fu – How to walk upstairs effortlessly. 1

Practical Kung Fu – How to walk upstairs effortlessly.
The amount of times that I hear “this won’t work in the cage” is ridiculous and largely comes from people whose only concern is fighting and ego. There is a term that a coined years ago called “the big fight”. This is the true value of kung fu. The “Big Fight” refers to surviving life day to day in a healthy , comfortable , and spirited fashion. The skills that we derive from training are Gong Fa and are valuable in day-to-day activities. I have been helping people with illness more than fighting skills over the Past 25 years. I already knew how to fight from my other martial arts training and entered into the internal arts purely to help me with respiratory issues. Not only were the results incredible , but I found myself being thrown around by men and women of much smaller stature than I. I became enchanted and have dedicated my life to these arts ever since. One of my students asked me if I could help them as her husband had brain cancer. I taught him for free for 14 years even though he was only supposed to live for 2 to 3 months. In the process I have found the true value and satisfaction in these arts comes from helping other people to take their lives back and liberate their spirits. When most people climb stairs they do it in a muscular fashion where they are literally lifting the weight of their torso with their legs via contraction. When you change your intent to lifting instead of pushing yourself up the stairs , things change dramatically. Lift the empty leg with your intent on the knee and it will require no more effort than a simple arm gesture. Once you turn your intention to lifting the other knee this automatically causes your weight and Qi to sink down the substantial leg creating a compression and in the process of creating a lifting Jin. This Jin expresses and triggers via the lifting action which causes a passive compression in the leg as well as a passive expression of Jin. The result is walking upstairs becomes effortless and I feel as if I’ve gained 20 to 30 years in my life. My greatest joy is sharing these types of discoveries with my friends and students

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  • Steven

    I like this I did something from another perspective I tucked my pelvis and lifted the heel of the lower leg until it was as high as possible this actually raises the body which makes for An easier step up but your method seems a lot better