Practical kung fu – Opening a jar without injuring yourself or using strength 1

Over the years I’ve made many herbal preparations both for internal use or external use. I tend to use a big jar and gradually take a little out at a time , putting them into smaller jars or bottles so they are easier to use. These herbal formulas , especially when left for months at a time , tend to almost shellac or glue the lid in place. I would struggle to open them using strength and other concepts but essentially would almost never be able to get the jars open and they would cause me pain in my shoulders and my hands and my wrists. I spent many years putting them under hot water and using grippers to open them , but it was still a strain and it was still painful .What I have learned over the years is that if I release the strength from the root of my limb ( shoulder/ armpit) sequentially down to my hands , I can generally get a good result. Essentially I grasp the jar in both hands , flaring my elbows a little bit away from the side of the body and then I relax and release my shoulder/armpit, upper arm ,elbow , forearm , wrist and even my hands. I actually slightly release the grip of my hands so that the tissue and skin become more elastic and stretchy and the muscles become disengaged. When I sequence it properly , the jar opens without me having to go through all of those other steps. If you listen on the video, you may even hear the cracking sound of the “shellac ” breaking. I hope this is helpful and it will definitely be useful because as we age , jars seem to get tighter and tighter and tighter.

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One thought on “Practical kung fu – Opening a jar without injuring yourself or using strength

  • Rich Gromlich

    I’m almost certain I have done this without knowing exactly how. I was opening ajar of pickles & couldn’t get it to move using all my strength. i tried several times even with a gripper, no success. the last time was kind of half hearted since I was going to resort to hot water & pop.