Practical kung fu: Standing up from a squat or from a chair without internal strain

The following video is deliberately devoid of technical jargon because it is meant for the common man or woman to apply to their daily activities . The idea is to simply release your waist right above the waistband by thinking of the sides of your body , maybe 2 to 3 finger widths above your hip bone. You don’t need to sink and create a bounce or anything to that effect . You simply need to release those 2 points and stand up at ease. If you think of just the back or the front trying to think of a specific Accupoints or vertebrae , your pelvis will typically tilt and it will not be effective. It simply makes you feel as if you’re about 20 or so years younger when you go to do it because it is effortless and in that sense it is extremely practical and useful.

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