Qigong is an ancient Chinese art of breathing meditations. Qigong exercises combine gentle movements, deep breathing, and mental focus. One key element in qigong practice is relaxation. The gentle movements are designed to open the energy meridians within the body.

Qi is life force energy. Qi energy circulates throughout the body in pathways called meridians. Health depends on proper circulation and balance of qi. An imbalance of qi will result in an illness. Proper qi circulation will prevent an imbalance of qi energy. Qigong is a system of exercise designed to increase the circulation of qi energy in the body.

Qigong practice strengthens the central nervous system, sends energy to vital organs by stimulating the meridians, improves muscle and skin tone, enhances joint flexibility, deepens breathing, lowers blood pressure, benefits digestion, improves elimination, strengthens the kidneys, and naturally improves posture. Anyone who practices qigong regularly can tell you of the benefits they receive.