Raise Hands Up Application 2

This is an old video showing some applications of the Raise Hands Up Posture in Taijiquan. This is somewhat outdated in terms of skill, but the information is still useful . I show some of the circles used in this posture’s application . I also show 2 enticing gestures to cause your partner to re-assert their center allowing you to ” use 4 ounces to defeat 1000 pounds” and follow their own tendency towards their center. Pluck or Pulldown should use a quick squeeze and release in it’s application .


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2 thoughts on “Raise Hands Up Application


    Hi Jim,

    I was a prior student of yours, I had a stroke and was starting up with your classes in Peekskill.
    I’ve moved to Wilmington NC and was wondering if you had a teacher down here your would recommend?
    Brian O’Connor

    • Jim Russo Post author

      Hey Brian I hope you are well! I do not have anyone down there that I can recommend but I do put footage on my YouTube channel that you could follow along with. I also do private lessons via FaceTime if you had any specific issues. I miss you and hope you are well and I wish you and your family blessings