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5 thoughts on “Refine the axis

  • Sifu Rudy Curry

    Hi Jim, Glad you have this site. I remember so much from Master Chan. But a lot has been forgotten. As I am still developing over the years a lot is coming back to me. I tell all my students they can consider his “Words as Law”. In Martial, Health and Healing none of his practices have fallen short in helping people.
    These quotes go a long way. Hopefully all practitioners will recognize that the greatest development of skill comes from simple practice, little by little he would always tell me.
    Long time no see “Big Brother”

    Thanks for keeping these teachings going.

    • Jim Russo Post author

      Hi Brother,

      Thank you for all of your hard work as well ! “ We are all brothers and sisters in the world, Me comes from We, without we there is no me “ Maybe someday we can get together for sharing, service, and responsibility…


    • Jim Russo Post author

      I am kind of fanatical on the details and maybe one day we can meet in share some of this with each other in an effort Of supporting Mr. Chans life work. You have a lot of different ways to contact me at this point so reach out if you ever wanna get together it would be fun


    It’s the main stay of all my training and teaching. Master Chan instilled this in me so much that It has become the Alpa and Omega of all teach in the styles I teach. Students love it. Aside from health improvements and maintaining fluidity the Martial benefits are far reaching. Skill will not develop to highr levels without this awareness. It will lead to knowing all things can be refined.