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This the fourth of eight exercises known as the Eight Pieces of Brocade or Ba Duan Jin . These Dao Yin are over 900 years old and one of my essential exercises . These are foundational exercises that prepare the body for receiving and storing energy . These are not to be confused with other moving qigong that are often practiced after the stillness portion of the training . These eight exercises balance the energy and emotions in the simplest terms . This exercise is called ” Shaking both your Head & Tail ( like a Lion ) to lower the Heart Fire ” is the Fifth Brocade and is used to lower the Heart Fire which will help one enter into a state of tranquility . The paper translates Xin Huo /Heart Fire as Heart Burn/Indigestion . Xin Huo is a term referring to the over activity of the Mind/Heart Energy, it does not refer to Heart Burn. Calming the mind is necessary to be able to effectively train qigong . Step out to the left and Hook Step into a Horse Stance . The open hands first coil down the side seams in opposition of the crown point rising to stabilize while hook stepping. Once the heel is set, turn the waist forward, drilling downward while Guiding & Guarding the open palms up to the ” Holding the Camera” position. This is the opening movement . Then lower the hands placing the four fingers of the palm inward on the middle of the thigh with the thumbs grasping the outside of the thigh . Exhale bending the waist forward and swinging the torso over the left thigh stretching the waist , aided by the pressing of the right palm into the thigh and pushing the torso to the left . Once the head and torso are over the left thigh, look back to turn the head with the intent of looking toward the back right heel. The turning back action causes the shoulder to roll back and down coiling into the seat of the joint . Pause, then look back towards the left knee uncoiling the shoulder and drop and swing the torso back inhaling to center position . Now repeat these actions to the right to make one cycle. Repeat for 8 cycles and then close by raising the crown point while Guiding & Guarding the palms outward and upward circling around the still point of the elbow . The raising up will drag the empty foot into a natural posture . Then exhale Guiding & Guarding the palms finger tips leading with the eyes to no lower than 45 Degrees below the horizon and then continue lowering and seating the palms into the gravitational centers of the feet while raising the crown point in balanced opposition . Relax and stand up . This Brocade can be paired with the inaudible “HA” sound to help in releasing the heat .



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