Some Single Whip Applications

These are some examples of various Single Whip Applications . How to use the Beak Hand . how to use the forward palm . Using Kao JIn In Single Whip  .

Using Taijiquan’s Single Whip Posture and transitions. The Beak Hand can be used to hook and Ahn Jin ( downward pressing into the root to entice an upward resistance from the opponent) bouncing the opponent up and into a punch/strike bridging up the arm to the armpit /ht1 point or to the neck/st9 point . The forward palm is used to wedge the opponent off line and into a strike . You can also step behind the opponent while wedging across his neck/chest to knock him over your leg . It is important that you use Kao Jin or bumping energy to severe his root. The Beak Hand can snap the opponent,s elbow their own body as he falls over the knee . These are just a few

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