Sweeping Away 1000 Soldiers – the application of yin and yang in Baguazhang. 3


Many “martial artists” make fun of drills and gongfa that are intented to develope skills that can be applied to actual combat . I would like to make the distinction between combat and sport martial arts. I don’t train my fellow practioners to be “champions ” as this is detrimental to the progress of the practioner and the art. I train them how to deal effortlessly with force against a stronger opponent. I train them to moniter their individual organal health . I train them how to deal with disease or how to strengthen their eyes. I train them in useful things . I don’t care who is the best . I’m not into trying to be a Guru. I just want to help like minded , evolved human beings to be better than they were yesterday.

Tieh En Fang , a Cheng Style Baguazhang practitioner demonstrates how he puts his mind under his partner to make them uproot . He also demonstrates the Sweeping away 1000 soldiers use of matching yin with yang to free up the movement .


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3 thoughts on “Sweeping Away 1000 Soldiers – the application of yin and yang in Baguazhang.

  • Brian Scott

    Thank you for posting this. I completely agree with you on the strategy and attitude of teaching people and not making combat robots. Really appreciate how you explained this yin/yang balance to uproot and the opposite arm/ body action required to open the spine. Despite being dedicated to learning Tai Chi Chuan now versus the “external arts”, I find that the internal explains how these so called “external arts” should have been done and explained. As an example the movement in Hung Gar’s Tiger Crane of the soft Bridge where from Horse Stance with the arms stretched chest height to the front in the single index finger Hung Gar palm are swept to the sides alternately could be done exactly the way you have explained sweeping away 1000 soldiers. Been following Sifu Mizner’s on line course for about 2 years now focussing on Zhan Zhuang and Song Gong versus form but are going to add in his form this year in addition to the long Yang form. Truly appreciate your posts Sir.

    • Jim Russo Post author

      Awesome, I highly recommend following the course as it is presented. Many practitioners feel that they already know the form and miss out on a tremendous amount of detail with regard to energy flow etc. The form is the laboratory that house is all of the principles where we work on the integration of these principles.Sifu Told me that when I can only do one thing to do the form