Fighting Skills

The Waist is the Commander – Waving the arms like silk scarves It is a defect to move the arms mechanically using the musculature to make a ward off shape. It is more effective to let the arms wave like silk scarfs as a result of turning the waist. The […]

The Waist is the Commander – Waving the arms like ...

BP Chan would often try to simplify things into quotes like the one above. I use a mic stand with the Coca-Cola bottle on it as a practice partner sometimes. The point of this example is to show that by turning my waist to the right and then to the […]

“It’s easy, turn to the left , turn to the ...

Once upon a time I was quite fearful of this type of attack with a bladed weapon as I had my throat slit as a teen. I did not understand how to defend against a horizontal attack to my throat. Retreating from such an attack will most likely have the […]

Using the rising and falling actions of Chopping to enter ...

Most traditional Tai Chi Chuan forms start with ” grasp the birds tail “. There is often a transition where it appears as if we are holding a ball. The form can be trained energetically where we are sensing the energy between our palms and even forming an energy ball. […]

An application of “Holding the Ball” in Taijiquan

The following footage has me discussing an alternative bridging method for entering into your opponents posture. When my intention is to strike or touch my opponent and he has the ability to create a Yin hand to divert my force, then it is necessary to change my intention away from […]

Bridging and “presenting roundness ” to connect and enter.

The following footage has a short discussion regarding the value of structure in Tai Chi Chuan. This discussion is being presented because some practitioners endeavor to cheapin the value of my knowledge to push forth their own agendas. My agenda ,to be clear , is to preserve my teacher’s various […]

The Taijiquan Arms Race and the value of structure.

  Temple training part two When I comes to training the bulk of our time, several hours, is spent on Gong Fa to produce the skills that we are all seeking. This type of free play is something we would do at the very end to experiment with what we […]

Temple training part two

Lao Gong Compression This footage captures something that i was warned about . Mr. Chan would say to protect your Lao Gong ( Pericardium 8) as it can return force to your Pericardium/ heart/lung area . Alex attempts to forcefully push both of my shoulders with his hands cupped on […]

Lao Gong Compression