Sinking and turning in push hands I am experimenting with sinking and small turns internally in this video . Alex, my partner, pushes towards me and I receive his force, roll him off, and sink under him internally. You may notice right after the rollback, he pops out of his […]

Sinking and turning in push hands

Playing with Na Na is to seize in Tai Chi. One point where seizing is relatively easy to apply is at the joints. When you invade a joint Center, you pull tissue from both sides of the joint at the same time creating a state of confusion within the body. […]

Playing with Na

Push Hands – Shearing Shearing in Push Hands is when you allow your partner to push and you receive and return his force across his weak angle or load his rear foot and roll him off it as a pivot . The touch is similar to a scuffing along the […]

Push Hands – Shearing

“me comes from We without We there is no me” – BP Chan This is my favorite quote from Mr. Chan it seems to be what all realized people find to be the deepest principle. I spoke with a very high-level monk who basically said the same thing. We are […]

My favorite BP Chan quote