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Fall asleep, and wake up – the genius of Grandmaster William CC Chen Grandmaster William CC Chen was my first teacher in Taijiquan. He was also a inner door student of Professor.Cheng Man Ching and lived with him as a child. William was very good at pointing out things that […]

Fall asleep, and wake up – the genius of Grandmaster ...

“Give up yourself to follow others” – moving effortlessly as one piece One of the aspects of single hand push hands is defending against being plucked or pulled out of center. When we yield, we generally do this in piecesp. When someone pulls your hand and you follow their movement […]

“Give up yourself to follow others” – moving effortlessly as ...

I have trained under various lineages that have entirely different perspectives on the art of Tai Chi Chuan. Whether talking about how forces are neutralized or how people interact in various exercises, the differences are mind numbing . Generally speaking, I have observed practitioners allegiance to one lineage create an […]

Mining for gold – perspective from an open mind/heart

Opening the spine or suspending from the Crown point is always the first aspect discussed when it comes to the internal martial arts. It is also one of the least understood, and the most difficult to acquire when left to one’s own devices. I have spent decades training, and it […]

from natural to natural” opening the spine with one trigger 

The line from the Taijiquan Lun by Wang Zhongyue ” if you miss buy a hairsbreadth , you missed by 1000 miles” can only be understood when one starts to understand what is meant by being in Center. When the body is in Center, then the tissue is neutral and […]

“If you miss by a hairsbreadth , you miss by ...

Traditional Push Hands Methods are intended to develop certain skills. The following footage shows me giving a couple of examples to Aaron. Sometimes a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. The first example shows me capturing Aaron’s palm as he endeavors to put force on my elbow. This can […]

” Who has who here?” – BP Chan- small changes ...

The following footage has a short discussion regarding the value of structure in Tai Chi Chuan. This discussion is being presented because some practitioners endeavor to cheapin the value of my knowledge to push forth their own agendas. My agenda ,to be clear , is to preserve my teacher’s various […]

The Taijiquan Arms Race and the value of structure.

Walking Jin – you already know how to make Jin Our body naturally produces Jin when we walk. This is why the internal arts of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang practice walking in their training. We learn to transfer the power of our walking step into our hand actions. When we […]

Walking Jin – you already know how to make Jin