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Fall asleep, and wake up – the genius of Grandmaster William CC Chen Grandmaster William CC Chen was my first teacher in Taijiquan. He was also a inner door student of Professor.Cheng Man Ching and lived with him as a child. William was very good at pointing out things that […]

Fall asleep, and wake up – the genius of Grandmaster ...

Taiji Ruler – The Value of the Eight Supplementals The eight supplemental’s are part of the Tai Chi Ruler System. These eight exercises train various aspects of whole body movement. They collectively are similar to the “Virgin Qi Gong system” in that they endeavor to circulate Qi to permeate the […]

Taiji Ruler – The Value of the Eight Supplementals

Na – Mechanical elements of seizing the joints There are many methods of seizing in Yang Family Taijiquan . Na or Seizing can be achieved energetically at the highest levels of skill. There are ,however , details or secrets that can help one achieve their goals from a mechanical standpoint. […]

Na – Mechanical elements of seizing

“Green dragon rolling in water “- gathering Qi “Green dragon rolling in water “ is an exercise that comes from the 8 Qigong set (八氣功). The purpose of the set is to cultivate and gather Chi. It is also to bring that Qi down into the lower Basin or the […]

“Green dragon rolling in water “- gathering Qi

When one joint is out of center, all of the joints are out of center. This is another little clip of BP Chan teaching in his unique style at the Tai Chi farm. Mr. Chan points out to Richard Brooks that when his wrist is “out of center “ it […]

When one joint is out of center, all of the ...

I have become an affiliate of Heaven Man Earth because I have respect for the knowledge as well as the clarity and presentation of that knowledge . It’s the details that bring clarity. Training when you know your goals and know that this training brings results, make training so much […]

Temple training part one

Capture my circle I seize Alex’s arm in an attempt to pluck him. He responds negatively initially. I suggest that since I am already attached to him that he could turn me out. The idea here is as I am reaching for him to add to my momentum and to […]

Capture my circle

Follow the joints In this clip Alex suggests to me that he was waiting to try a specific move. Our responses in push hands should not come from our desire to apply a movement but should come from following the movements of your partner. Lightly adhere to his joints and […]

Follow the joints

Sometimes you miss In this clip I attempt a press technique on Alex who senses my attack and yields neutralizing my force. I start to move a little more sloppily and collapse inward in an attempt to draw him in to an attack. I also utilize a shortcut to shorter […]

Sometimes you miss

Unique to the family form One peculiarity of BP Chan’s Family form is a transitional movement between Hi Pat the Horse and the following posture of Separate and Kick. The action involves using a facing out palm while turning around the central axis horizontally. This is a similar action to […]

Unique to the family form

Add 4 ounces… The Taijiquan Classics have an expression that may be translated as ” adding 4 ounces to topple 1000 pounds”. This video clip shows us practicing a drill in which we free play push hands and every neutralization that I do , I will add an additional 4 […]

Add 4 ounces…