Taijiquan is not A to B to C to D…, it is A+B+C+D…

BP Chan used to say “it’s easy to get it from the neck up, it’s much more difficult to get it from the neck down”. What he is saying is that understanding a concept and actually internalizing that concept into your movement are vastly different things. Most practitioners run around as captains of a fishing boat trying to fish for answers from various teachers. When they get an answer or someone explains the concept to them , they move onto the next question without actually internalizing that concept first. I have endeavored to integrate principles and training integration of them when I do my Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong. This way, in the 20 minutes or so that it takes to do the set every morning , I am multitasking and training many , many things simultaneously. This is a great challenge to one’s awareness and it is meant to be because in the process it trains your awareness to be very strong and all encompassing. There is ,in fact , a method to my madness. Training in this way , my awareness is on everything from major principles to small details every time that I move. I was told “when you look for it in yourself, you will soon see it in others”. I am always looking at these details in myself as well as everyone that I train with. This method has been effective for me in training people for the past several decades. it also makes great use of the time that I have to train.

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