When applying power upward , there are 3 ways that one can progress through to achieve something Internal as a mechanism . The Tai Chi Tu or ” Yin Yang Diagram” is the visual expression of a Universal Principle that could be explained as opposing energy in balance equals power or Positive ten plus Negative ten equals zero . This is the formula for effortless power . This drill shows the progression to comprehending the concept of Tai Chi . When Positive and Negative particles interact, they seek balance naturally . A battery has positive and negative energy seeking balance . A Combustion Engine has Yin and Yang at work in the action of the pistons . When an engine is balanced, it is more powerful than when it is out of balance .My logic is that for it to be Tai Chi Chuan, there has to be the application of Tai Chi Theory to the Art’s Mechanics. The example shown here shows Anthony D’Amato restraining me at the wrists * . i first try to compete with Tony using muscle and i am easily overpowered . i then apply the principle of the Tai Chi Tu or Opposing Forces seeking balance Externally . i sit down in balanced opposition of my hands raising . These opposing ( Yin/Yang) forces are self stabilizing , much like a tight rope stretched in two opposite directions becomes more stabile. my weight gets ” under ” him and gives me a leverage advantage . This works very easily , but it is still an external mechanical movement. The third progression shows Tony yielding ( as with the external method) , but i don’t physically drop anymore. i actively make a connection by trying to lightly raise my arms causing ( enticing energy) Tony to resist and remove any gaps in our connection . i then gradually empty my mind which causes my energy to sink and i lightly and loosely raise my hands in balanced harmony with my internal sinking . This action also allows me to get ” under” Tony ( Internal) and gives me a leverage advantage . This will not work if i engage or acknowledge Tony’s Strength . It is critical that one remains soft for this to work .

• We always test all techniques in this way to ensure ease of movement against resistance .



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