Cheng Man Ching when asked if Chang San Feng created Tai Chi Chuan
responded , ” who but an Immortal could have created Tai Chi Chuan ?” i love this quote because the more that i understand , the more awestruck i become. Using the posture Brush Knee and Twist Step as as example we can begin with the name . The intent is hidden in plan sight with the characters Brush Knee . It is not called block and palm strike because you don’t block, you parry . The magic of the movement is in the parry and is an expression of “coiling in to coil out” . Your opponent’s attack is first met at the wrist crease and slightly diverted and drilled up in opposition of the forward knee ( Target) . The palm then turns back and ” brushes the knee” ( gravitational center) which ” adds 4 ounces to topple a thousand pounds” and swirls the opponent in their feet and directs their momentum forward into my oncoming palm strike. “Brushing the Knee ” creates an Ahn Jin which pins my opponent’s lead foot to the floor via my connection to his arm . The Ahn Jin combined with the waist turn creates the swirling action which leads my opponent out of their feet . When my palm strike aligns with my centerline, it will line up with my opponent’s centerline as well. The swirling action not only causes a head on collision, but also re-tasks my opponent’s other limbs with re- centering/balance recovery and it also ties up his breath and confuses his mind . The grinding action across Lung Points 7 ,8 and 9 at the wrist will also tie up the Lung Qi and create the conditions necessary to damage the Lungs with the strike . All of these integrated actions work in concert to destroy the opponent’s posture . So the longer i train, the more i tend to agree with the question ” who but an Immortal could have created Tai Chi Chuan ?”……




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  • Mark Jones

    Also worth noting is that when the front hand coils up to deflect the incoming force, the body coils down into rear foot forming a crease in the kwa which stores up potential energy that allows the kinetic energy to spring back around toward the opponent.