The Taijiquan Arms Race and the value of structure.

The following footage has a short discussion regarding the value of structure in Tai Chi Chuan. This discussion is being presented because some practitioners endeavor to cheapin the value of my knowledge to push forth their own agendas. My agenda ,to be clear , is to preserve my teacher’s various arts. I trained in a school that allowed other high-level masters to share the same floor. I did not run from school to school looking for answers. The bottom line is that with any kind of knowledge there are degrees of understanding. BP Chan used to say “everybody right, everybody wrong… Nobody right, nobody wrong”. what he was suggesting is that every practitioner has certain elements that they focus on more than others based on their own genetic wiring as well as their teachers personality and their own personality. Yang Banhou was known for his intense power and application. Yang Chienhou was known for his softness and his finesse. They are both fruit from the same tree. To really have a complete understanding of Yang family Tai Chi Chuan , it is necessary to explore these variations. I will continue to explore different variations as long as I live. I am not interested in creating an empire, I am interested in creating health and freedom in the people that I love. The application footage at the end of the discussion footage explains some of these concepts clear enough that I will not waste your time with it here as it is been explored elsewhere in other footage. These details and the ramifications are best learned via touch and in person however I do share them online at this juncture. Wishing you all peace and blessings. 🙏🙏🙏

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