Transformation – don’t accept your level of incompetence

Something that I have observed over the years is that when practitioners are training the transformational exercises, they train up to their comfort level and they count repetitions. They literally accept their level of incompetence as if it is carved in stone. When training the Gong Fa , it is necessary to reach further and further with each repetition. If you move within your comfort zone, you most likely will not be very comfortable during the course of your day. When you move outside of your comfort zone and make a transformation , then you will find that you are not uncomfortable all day long. All of the exercises are taught sequentially and are built on the foundation of the previous exercise. It is necessary to reach for a higher achievement in order to make a higher achievement. This type of training tends to be focused with a goal in mind. It is not simply mindlessly doing the exercises over and over again. As one’s skill and awareness grows , so does the depth of their practice. If you want to know what one of the biggest stumbling blocks in achieving the internal is, it is accepting your level of incompetence. It is good to know that you are in direct control of that . I am not a milk maid. I do not wish nor endeavor to milk my students over a long period of time of their hard earned money. My goal is to identify what needs to change in order to make the achievement. This is how all training should be conducted and the responsibility for this is on the students as much as it is on the teacher. The best fruit is found by reaching and climbing. Low hanging fruit there’s not as sweet as the fruit that is in the top of the tree receiving all of the energy of the sun. If you shoot for the stars you may land on the moon.

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