TT Liang’s 10 Guiding Principles 2

96 Year Old TT Liang reading from his book at the Tai Chi Farm 1995
When I told my older brother that I was studying Taijiquan, he responded by saying ” what are you going to do beat people up in slow motion?“ when coming home from class I was excited to tell my brother that William CC Chen had authorized me to teach. I sensed it as soon as I entered the door that my brother had died. Due to complications the family could not meet immediately following my brothers death. I went to the Tai Chi Farm and on the last day of the annual Zhang San Feng festival, TT Liang showed up. I sat at his feet and filmed this footage myself as he read from his book. He then autographed the book to me and I still have it as a precious memory. Later on he asked me to see my form while he did his characteristic bum bum bum Count for me. This all served to counterbalance my deep sorrow that to this day I am sure he sensed. This is a snippet of his talk on that day at 96 years of age.

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2 thoughts on “TT Liang’s 10 Guiding Principles

  • Randall Jones

    Thank You so much for sharing this video of TT Liang sharing his guiding principles of life. When I started learning Yang Style long ago I started looking around for books, videos. I subscribed to Tai Chi Magazine I read about the Tai Chi Farm and the yearly festival. I always thought how cool it would be attend sometime but never did. This video brought back good memories. I was always impressed by TT Liang’s story about how he started late in life as I did and reached such a high level of ability. He was a inspiration for me from afar. Thank You again