When diverting an upper body punch with Taijiquan’s Ward Off ,i can divert and control the punching arm by coiling around the 3 zones of control . Your opponent’s forearm is 3 of his own fist widths from the wrist crease to the elbow. When my opponent punches, i draw my rear hand back ( left hand in this example) with a turn of the waist. i cross hands with my opponent at the first zone /fist and i let the turning of my waist drill my palm forward from a palm in position to a palm up position. This all happens with a turn of my waist to my left and coils my palm to the middle zone/fist . This position controls the entire forearm and the fist and elbow via connection. i then turn my waist to my right and shift into my forward foot . This action causes my right hand to uncoil back to a palm in position and over the third zone of control /fist. i then raise my crown point and press my opponent’s resistant arm down( Ahn Jin ) through his legs pinning his now double weighted feet to the floor. i continue pressing downward until my palm is grasping my opponent’s inner elbow. This action guides my opponent’s hand into line with my rear waiting palm. i then shift backward and turn my waist back to the left throwing my opponent’s wrist into my waiting palm . This is Wardoff to Roll Back . The whole action is driven by the waist with Ahn Jin in the middle . This same action works great against a tackle . Check out my video : ward off against a tackle.



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2 thoughts on “WARD OFF – 3 POINTS OF CONTROL

  • Timothy Lance Stricklin

    Once u touch the wrist active that lung point . Then the 2nd one is right there at the forarm where u was grabbing . Then the 3rd of course would be the neck as u was demonstrating. And boom boom out goes the lights .